We could all be mediums, and all have absolute knowledge, if the bright light of our ego consciousness would not dim it.
— Marie-Louise von Franz


Art gives expression to what is inexpressible. Its home lies in the world of feeling. It is empowering, it is healing, it is validating. As an artist, I develop tools to build relationship with this unseen world. These tools are my craft.

I listen. I trust. I create.  




We all are called to a profound work in this life. The path of life, though, can be twisted and confused, dangerous and scary. It can also be clear and exciting, safe and rewarding. Through my own experiences on both sides of the coin, I work to receive the wisdom I need and to trust myself. I am here to share that process of receiving and trusting.


As I enter this new phase of life, I invite you in to share in my process. This blog is that invitation. I’ll share with you my travels, writings, confusions and dreams, as I make my way. After 36 years of at-home mother-ing, I’m leaving the safety of what is known to do the work to which I am called. Join me in my journey!